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Villa Olivar

Casariche is a typical village of Andalusia where you will find peaceful streets and friendly people. In addition,

 Casariche and surroundings have a wide range of cultural and natural heritage.


Some places you can visit are:
- The parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación. The construction began in the seventeenth century and has undergone several reforms over time. Today, you can see the altarpiece from the convent of Victoria de Estepa.
- Museographic Collection of the Roman Mosaic José Herrera Rodas. You can get to know the art and technique of the mosaic in Roman times as well as the cultural and commercial importance of Andalusia for the Roman Empire, among other collections.
- Roman quarries. To the southeast of Casariche and to the right of the River Yeguas rises the Cerro Bellido, a small mountain that has its summit opened by the quarries of some two thousand years of antiquity of which the Romans were provided with stone.

Tour of the Tempranillo
Tour of the Tempranillo

This route passes through different thematic centres and through various natural attractions where you will discover magical places impregnated with the mystery of romantic Andalusian banditry.
The Thematic Centres open to the public are:
Thematic Center of Romantic Banditry (Jauja).
Thematic Center of the Genil River (Badolatosa).
Museum Collection of the Roman Mosaic José Herrera Rodas (Casariche).
Thematic Center of the Roman Baths (Alameda).
Andalusian Field Thematic Center (Alameda).
Thematic Center of the Duchess of Benamejí (Benamejí).
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In Casariche the star product is the olive oil. The production area, apart from Casariche, includes the municipal districts of Aguadulce, Badolatosa, El Rubio, Estepa, Gilena, Herrera, La Roda de Andalucía, Lora de Estepa, Marinaleda, Pedrera and the left side of Puente Genil.

Dishes elaborated with cod, products of the land and cold meats are typical too.