Welcome to Villa Olivar Lodgings, in Casariche (Sevilla). A hotel that offers everything you have always dreamed of to enjoy the traditions of our land, the olive grove, culture and history, nature and, of course, relax … in a unique environment in the center of Andalusia.
Upon entering our hotel, you are greeted with  an atmosphere full of charm, in which each space worships our origins.


A place with its own personality


Opening on April 23rd!

Villa Olivar Restaurante
Villa Olivar Terraza
Enjoy our surroundings in the centre of Andalusia, with many experiences to offer,  and rest in luxurious lodgings, with the highest quality and an attractive design.
We provide you the taste of Andalusia with a gastronomic offer that will activate all your senses
Tradition, culture and avant-garde join together in our restaurant
Enjoy on another level. During the day, let yourself be caressed by the Andalusian sun in our solarium. From sunset, it will become our most sophisticated ROOF, which will provide you a beautiful experience with views like none other. And at night …touch the sky.
It is a space full of life, where you can enjoy a talk around the central fountain, or a look at the stars through its large glass vault.
A delightful space with views to the South Mountains of Seville. Imagine a business event, a family party, a presentation … and we will organize it for you.
In Casariche and its surroundings you will find a place full of stories that you can rekindle. Romans, bandits, feudal lords and Arabic watchtowers are still present. Nature in multiple forms: infinite rows of olive trees, rivers and meanders of the Genil River. All Tradition varieties: Easter in its purest expression, fairs where flounces fly, pilgrimages …


All of that in an emblematic place, in an equidistant place between Seville, Cordoba, Malaga and Granada.


A thousand ideas, a thousand options to enjoy … You have to come!